Q: What type of Breast Cancer do you have?
I have Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. If you want specifics, it is triple-negative with no signs in the lymph system.

Q: When/how did you discover it?
I discovered a marble-sized lump in my right breast while nursing my two-month old baby girl. I assumed it was a clogged milk duct, so I treated the lump with warm compress and massage. Over the next couple of weeks, noticed that the lump was growing at a rapid rate. I visited my OBGYN on August 19th. Within 24 hours, I had undergone an ultrasound, mammogram, and biopsy. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on August 22nd.

Q: Family history / Genetic testing?
I have no family history of breast cancer. I don’t smoke, eat well, buy organic, and never keep my cell phone in my bra! Haha! Since, I am under the age of forty and have no known family history, I qualify for genetic testing. We haven’t received the results yet. 
Q: What's the course of treatment? How long?
In order to remove the tumor in my breast, we must first shrink the mass. I will receive 16 chemotherapy treatments over the course of six months. For the first three months, I will receive chemo once every three weeks. For the second three months, I will receive chemo weekly. My doctors have not decided which type of surgery I will have yet. But, they do know that I will receive radiation after the surgery.

Q: How are you? How are you feeling?
I’m great! As crazy as this sounds, I’ve never been happier. Am I annoyed that this is happening? Yes!! Do I wish that this would all go away? Hell, yes!! But, my perspective on life has truly changed since I received my diagnosis. I hold my babies closer. I love my husband harder. And, I am incredibly aware of how great my life is. Isn’t that funny? Cancer has already made me better. Let me rephrase that... God has made me better because of cancer.

Q: What can we do?
Keep praying. Keep calling. You are NOT bothering me. I truly believe that God hears our prayers. He is so great. And, He has filled my heart with gratitude, love, and perspective. The other thing you can do is check your breasts! Guys and girls! Encourage your moms, wives, sisters, friends to do it. I was lucky. I caught this early. Do me a favor: check yo’self!‚Äč
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